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About Us

Do not wait for the next thunder storm or blizzard to wipe out your power before you decide to get a generator. We can help you find the right portable or whole house generator to fit your needs.

First, our sales team discusses how you intend on using the generator to be sure they help you find the right one. For instance, are you a business owner in need of a solid back-up generator to keep your shop running? Are you a home-owner looking to avoid being the one house on the block stuck in the cold when a harsh winter storm knocks out the power? Or are you looking for a small, portable generator to take on weekend camping trips? With a large variety of Generac generators to choose from, we can help you identify the portable or whole house generator that fits your needs.

Once our Long Island, NY sales representative has helped you select the right generator, we continue to provide maintenance and upkeep to your generator as needed.